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  1. Your Beethoven at St. George’s on Friday night was a great experience, plarcipinly because you brought something fresh and new to what is wonderful but also very familiar repertoire. Your performance was so committed and alive that at times, particularly in the slow movements, it sounded improvisatory and it felt like a unique interpretation that would never be the same again which is what live music is all about. 131 is such extraordinary writing and you really made the most of it’s innovative and profound character but you also found real drama and depths in 18/5; 59/3 started with a wonderfully controlled and intense slow introduction and ended in tremendous excitement with the fugue (which is one of the few pieces of music which I think really can be taken as fast as possible!). The concert was a superb demonstration of the difference between music and the visual arts in that it has two, not one, creative processes: composition and interpretation. My one caveat is that, at times, the exuberance of performance allowed the accents and the, always controversial, sforzandos to be rather strong and too intrusive, particularly in the opus18.I am very much looking forward to your future concerts and am absolutely thrilled that you are including the opus 29 quintet, surely one of the most unjustly neglected pieces of chamber music (I hope you are doing this one rather than 4 or 104). The opening of the last movement must be one of the most dramatic pieces of programme music written by 1801 it sounds way ahead of it’s time.Thank you for a great evening.Best wishesHugh

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